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KOSTER Receives Starnet 2017 Silver Design Award

KOSTER receives Starnet 2017 Silver Design Award for use of KOSTER VAP I 2000 in the Village Square Branch Library located in San Jose, CA.

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The Power of Partnership: KOSTER American Teams up with T&L Distributing

KOSTER American is excited to announce our partnership with T&L Distributing. This partnership brings a sales force of nearly 50 representatives to better service all of our customers' needs!
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KOSTER NB 1 Grey: Approved for use in drinking water environments

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  KOSTER NB 1 Grey has been approved for use in drinking water environments according to NSF /ANSI 61. The certification applies to contact with cold water in tanks 2000 gal or larger.

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KOSTER Joint Tape 30

KOSTER Joint Tape 30 is a thermoplastic tape for sealing joints, expansion and dilatation joints and irregular cracks.
KOSTER Joint Tape 30 is UV resistant, highly elastic and can withstand extreme movements of the joint. The joint tape system consists of the KOSTER Joint Tape 30 and the KOSTER KB-Pox Adhesive (2-component epoxy based, thixotropic, high performance adhesive) which are applied as a system.



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