Moisture Vapor Reduction System

Moisture penetration through concrete slabs can cause severe problems for finish flooring systems. High concentrations of moisture and alkalinity (levels determined through testing) can lead to the deterioration of flooring adhesives and delamination of coatings by osmotic action. Even with relatively low moisture vapor emissions (MVER), elevated alkalinity can compromise even the toughest flooring system adhesives. To avoid this problem, the concrete slab should be sealed with a material that will tightly bond to the concrete under these very adverse conditions.

KOSTER VAP I 2000 is a special material which fulfils all of these functions; it has very low permeance (ASTM E96 wet: 0.04-0.09), excellent bond strength, and is resistant to sustained high alkalinity (pH of 14). The KOSTER VAP I 2000 moisture vapor reduction system is applied to shot blasted, solid concrete substrates that are free of bond inhibiting substances. After curing, floor coverings can be applied.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.



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