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USA, Chicago, IL, Northwestern Memorial Hospital Prentice Women’s Hospital

Northwestern Memorial Hospital Prentice Women’s Hospital, Chicago, IL 
Fields of application
Moisture Vapor Reduction System under cementitious underlayments
Self-leveling underlayment on porous and non-porous substrates
The Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Prentice Women’s Hospital was opened in October of 2007 to provide medical care to women of all ages. KOSTER American Corporation was brought in to address approximately 330,000 sq/ft of installed flooring that was failing due to high moisture and alkalinity. To address the high moisture and alkalinity issues KOSTER American Corporation was able to design a system that will give the Prentice Women’s Hospital a flooring system that will last for many years to come. The system was designed to minimize downtime to facilities and cause as little impact to hospital operations as possible. The existing sheet good flooring system was removed and the adhesive and underlayment was ground off using HTC 800 concrete grinding machines and T-Seg cup wheels. Upon complete removal of the underlayment the concrete substrate was shot-blasted to achieve an ICRI CSP 3. This procedure revealed thousands of feet of cracks in the concrete substrate. To address this situation prior to installation of the KOSTER VAP I® 2000 FS moisture mitigation coating these non-moving cracks were sealed using a mixture of KOSTER VAP I® 2000 FS and KOSTER TA. After addressing the cracks in the floor one coat of KOSTER VAP I® 2000 FS was installed and allowed to cure. After installation of the moisture mitigation system the KOSTER VAP I® 2000 FS was primed using KOSTER VAP I® 06 Primer for use on non-porous substrates. The primed substrate was then leveled using KOSTER SL Premium cementitious underlayment. Upon curing of the KOSTER SL Premium the substrate was then covered with the finished flooring system.  
Product applied
KOSTER VAP I 06 Primer
General Contractor / Applicator
Architect: Gensler General Contractor: Skender Construction Applicator: Artlow Systems 



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