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USA, Houston, TX, St. Luke´s Episcopal Hospital

St. Luke´s Episcopal Hospital 
Fields of application
Moisture Vapor Reduction System under cementitious underlayments
Moisture Mitigation System (Flooring)- The St. Luke´s Episcopal Hospital in Houston, Texas had sheet vinyl flooring that failed due to a high moisture and alkalinity condition. Calcium chloride tests per ASTM F-1869 showed 6-17 lbs. and the pH was as high as 14. Because this was in a hospital, they needed a quick, yet dependable solution for their concrete problems. They started the job on a Friday by installing protection on the walls and equipment, removing the failed flooring, and shot blasting the failed adhesive off of the floor. They then installed KOSTER VAP I 2000 FS, primed it with KOSTER VAP I 06 Primer, skim coated the floor with a cementitous patch and new sheet vinyl flooring was then installed. The rooms were cleaned and operational by Sunday morning.  
Product applied
KOSTER VAP I 06 Primer
General Contractor / Applicator
Specified by Eric Serna with Milestone Project Management Installation Contractor: Jonathon Guel with Architectural Floors 



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