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Canada, Toronto, U of T Mississauga Campus RAWC Elevator Pit Leak Repairs

When Macdero Injection Services arrived on site the bottom of the pit was filled with 4 inches of water. The GC informed us the water ingress is constant and drains/pumps cannot keep up. The main points of water ingress appeared to be around the piston in the center of the pit through the slab on grade and the slab/wall joint around the perimeter.  
. Injection ports were set by drilling on the exterior wall on a 45-degree angle to intersect the wall/slab joint and around the piston by drilling through the slab on grade, at some points up to 39 inches thick. The Koster Gel S4 was successfully placed, stopping all water ingress.  
Product applied
KOSTER Injection Gel S4
General Contractor / Applicator
Macdero Construction Consultant: RJC GC: Quality Allied Elevator 
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