SL 284 025 - KOSTER SL Flex

KOSTER SL Flex is a high quality, fast setting, mineral based underlayment with excellent bonding characteristics also on smooth and dense substrates. KOSTER SL Flex is applicable to a wide variety of substrates and hardens hydraulically and tension free within a few hours. It hardens to a level, high strength surface that allows for a change in building use, such as carpet or tiles on top of old wooden floors. KOSTER SL Flex is easy to mix and install, is pump- and pourable, and during its pot life has a low viscosity and is self-levelling. KOSTER SL Flex can be applied in layer thicknesses between 2 and 15 mm, and in depressions up to 30 mm. It hardens quickly and crack free with up to 90% reduced shrinkage.

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Coverage: Approximately 26 square feet per 55 lb bag at 1/4 inch layer thickness.



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