IN 294 - KOSTER Injection Gel S4

KOSTER Injection Gel S4 is used for stopping active water ingress, and to quickly seal joints and for curtain injection. The setting time can be adjusted between 10 seconds and 3 minutes by changing the amount of A2 or B component added. The gel can be colored on site by adding separately supplied pigments.

The standard set is supplied as follows; A1 component: 20 kg, A2 component: 1 kg, B component (salt): 0.4 kg. All components can be ordered separately. To increase adhesion and improve the elongation and tear resistance, KOSTER B+ (dispersion) can be ordered separately. 
For curtain injections where a longer gel time is required, KOSTER Injection Gel G4 is recommended.

Coverage: Dependent on application.

Unit Size

1 kg (IN 294 001 A2)

18 kg (IN 294 018 B+)

Component A1: 20 kg; Component A2: 1 kg; Component B: 0.4 kg (IN 294 021)

400 g (IN 294 400 B)



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