Shop Floor System

The KOSTER Shop Floor system is based on 100% solids zero VOC epoxy coatings. The system‘s backbone is a pigmented body coat of KOSTER MPE-Color, an epoxy coating. This body coat receives a broadcast that is suitable to give the cured coating the desired surface structure. The broadcast is locked into the coating by a pigmented seal coat of KOSTER MPE-Color. Depending on the desired final surface structure, the coating system can be over coated with another layer of pigmented epoxy or with KOSTER UTC, a urethane topcoat, to enhance scratch resistance and UV stability. With their unique formulations, the KOSTER coatings are versatile and can be installed on a wide range of different applications. KOSTER epoxy coatings are cycloaliphatic, which means that they are UV resistant.  The KOSTER Shop Floor system is versatile in design, able to withstand chemical, thermal, and mechanical stresses over time, easy to maintain, and can be equipped with a variety of additives that provide special characteristics such as skid-resistance or matte finish.



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